Integrated Optoelectronics AS is headquartered in Trondheim - the technology capital of Norway. We develop, manufacture and sell innovative and cost effective lasers for a variety of applications, of which sensors for the global oil and gas industry is the most important.

The company has developed the technology in a close cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and several of our employees have a research background from this university. We are currently cooperating with the independent research organization SINTEF (among others) on projects.

Our History

Our expertise goes back to 1996 when we started developing materials and devices in the mid-IR area. In 2003 the company Intopto AS was established (later known as Integrated Optoelectronics) and a prototype laser was demonstrated at CLEO 2004 in San Francisco.

Further development has enabled us to make novel and specialized devices to accomplish improved performance, reduced cost and increased product value. Today we have several prototype applications in the works, and are selling lasers both to end customers and development partners.

Scientific Focus

Integrated Optoelectronics needs high quality research capabilities. We are the largest external user of the modern cleanroom facilities at NTNU NanoLab. Our primary focus is currently to develop advanced infrared lasers in cooperation with commercial and academic partners.

Solar applications

Some of the techniques and concepts we have developed for our lasers show exciting possibilities for development of high efficiency solar cells. We have decided to explore these opportunities further in cooperation with some of the best solar energy expertise in Norway and Europe. Since this project is so different from our laser applications, we have organized it as a separate company: Integrated Solar AS.