Since the start of the electronics era, the world has seen an explosive growth of applications that all have their basis on a single invention; the transistor. Since then, transistors and silicon (Si) have been the main focus of semiconductor development. Moore's law is still holding with the doubling the number of transistors every 18 months in state of the art processors.

Soon, silicon will not be able to hold up to Moore's law, and the silicon industry has started to look towards more advanced materials. These are commonly known as III-V semiconductors (pronounced "3 5") as they combine materials from the group III and V in the periodic table of the elements.

Integrated Optoelectronics has an expertise in III-V materials that reaches back to 1996. However, we do not focus the technology development toward transistors, but into a new area and domain which is known as optoelectronics.

Optoelectronics is the technology which combines electronics and optics to work with light in an electronic chip. III-V semiconductors are well suited for many applications that involve light, both visible and infrared. This is the reason we have chosen this name: Integrated Optoelectronics.